About us

Why so many people and businessmen choose «Almida» company?

We all dream about something. As a rule, we all need money to make our dreams come true. You can save money all life long working for 12 hours a day. You can also use a credit, but after a certain period of time you will have to return this sum to a bank with a large percent. You can forget about your dream.

Another way is to invest your money and double it after 12 weeks. That does not require anything special to do. You won't need any special knowledge, work experience, there will be no need to spend your free time on it. We will do everything for you.

Who are we?

Our company is an investment fund, we work on the world financial and stock exchanges. We prefer high-yield markets, Forex in particular; these can really bring a lot of money to those who can use this tool properly. There are a lot of effective methods, which allow to increase the sum of invested money in a short period of time with a minimal risk.

This market can bring good money. We want you to receive this money, while we only have the commission for our work.


«Almida» fund was founded by professional traders, who decided to unite their knowledge and experience. Today our company is far more large, but all of our employees are specialists in the sphere of investment and each of them also has more than 6 years of work experience. We carefully watch all the changes in the market and the appearance of new technologies, take part in seminars and trainings.

On the basis of our experience we have elaborated our own system of getting maximum yield of investments.

But lets also talk about the reliability.

Is it reliable?

About 20% of money we invest to the sphere of energetics: the latest developments and innovative projects. Why energetics? Today it is one of the most perspective fields. Energetics does not only mean stable income, but also guarantees profits in the future. That is very important for us and our clients.

Here are just some figures.

More than 500 clients trust us, and this number increases every day...

Every month we raise more than $150 000...

Every month we pay more than $30 000 to our investors!

Do you have $100? You can double this sum!

Our minimum investment level is $100. This provides an oppotunity to become an investor even for those, who don't have a lot of money. In other words, we give a chance to start the investment from scratch. If you already possess a big capital, then we have special offers for you to increase the yield. Begin to earn money right now!



Who can participate?

Adult citizens of any country can participate in our project.

How can I participate?

It is easy: first, you need to register, then choose the investment package and pay for it.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment level is $100.

Is there any investment limit?

The limit for «Standart» package is $6000. There are no limits for «PROFI» package.

How can I pay for the investment package?

We accept different e-currency payment systems.


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